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Our highly professional team based in Kensington offer prompt diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems using the very latest advancements in foot and ankle healthcare.

Gait Analysis, Biomechanics & Sports Injuries

Specialists in Heel & Foot Pain

Custom Orthotics/Insoles

Ingrowing Nails

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Podiatrist & a Chiropodist?

The difference is often disputed. It is widely accepted that the two terms describe the same role in healthcare. In modern day, all degree courses which train clinicians to specialise in the lower limb are named Podiatric Medicine, which is aligned with the rest of the World. Aspects of Podiatry including corn excision or callus removal may often be referred to as Chiropody in a colloquial manner.


What is a Podiatric Surgeon?

Some Podiatrists further their basic training by specialising in Foot & Ankle Bone & Joint Surgery - an arduous process lasting a minimum of 8 years of additional training after the initial Podiatric Medicine University degree. Beyond this Fellowship to the UK Directorate of Podiatric Surgery is awarded with Consultancy privileges.


Are over the counter arch supports/insoles the same as custom made orthotics?

No. A simple arch support is designed to push up against your arch while standing, it will not control your mechanics whilst walking or address or control the foot’s imbalances. Buying an over-the-counter arch support is like buying eye glasses off the shelf with no prescription.


Do you offer home visits?

No. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of care. Unfortunately in an environment outside of clinical parameters this level of care may often fall below the accepted. We therefore see all of our patients in clinic.  


Do you treat children?

Yes. We treat a wide variety of ages in a relaxed and friendly manner. Children who normally visit us normally are suffering with verrucas/ingrown toenails/skin lesions or gait and postural issues such as flat feet.  


Do I need a referral from another Doctor?

No. You are able to refer yourself without referral from a third party.


Do you accept Private Health Insurance?

Yes. We are recognised by most Private Healthcare insurers and you can often claim the money back from your company. We advise all patients using private healthcare to always check that their insurer will cover the cost of their appointment with our Specialist Podiatrists prior to your appointment.

Our services cover the following locations (if your location is not listed please don't hesistate to get in touch and ask us if we can help you)

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